Breaking Free

Breaking Free from the Pack

How to Develop a Spirit of Excellence

Breaking Free CoverExcellence is defined as the state of going beyond what is average, normal, or expected. It draws from a Greek word, which means to “throw beyond,” as with a javelin or shot put.

We serve an excellent God, and He calls for all who follow Him to show forth that same Spirit of Excellence. This book shows, in a practical way, how to attain the walk of excellence.

It stresses four principles that require us to seek God – Vision (both personal and ministry), Calling, Perseverance, and Love.  It also deals with how and why to walk in four disciplines – Fasting, Prayer, Meditation, and Solitude with God.

The walk of excellence is not required for us to be saved, but if we want our lives to count for something in Christ, then it’s vital that we enter the realm of the excellent.

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What people have said about it:

G.C., Maryland – “This book takes the essentials of living a life of excellence…and compacts them into one volume.  I picked the book up and didn’t put it down except to sleep.  There are basic truths, dynamic revelations, and simple practicality all wrapped up in the … author’s words.  I highly recommend this book to everyone who desires to pursue excellence, and a must have for every Christian leader.”

Christian Bishop, Africa – “If I had heard this teaching when I was younger, it would have saved me from a lot of problems and discouragement.”


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