Jesus Speaks

Jesus Speaks to Pastors

Finding the “Lost” Letters of Christ

From the Heart of the Shepherd to His Under-shepherds.

Jesus Speaks ThumbnailWe would all like the thrill of finding buried treasure!

Recently the Lord took me on a spiritual adventure through His Word.  Along the way I found a treasure that I never knew was there.  It was a rich cache of precious promises, exhortations, and warnings for pastors and leaders direct from the heart of Christ.

The Scriptures contain a wealth of teaching for our edification. So often we miss out because we think it was written for somebody else.

In Revelation, chapters 2-3, Jesus is speaking to seven specific pastors. He calls them the messengers (sometimes translated “angels”) of their respective churches. In these exhortations, the Lord gives advice, encouragements, warnings, and rebukes that all in ministry need to hear.

I’ve been a Senior Pastor since 1987. I draw from this experience to bring out the truths contained in this section of God’s Word. My writing is down to earth and has practical application for those starting in ministry as well as seasoned leaders.

This book is a must for everyone who is either in the ministry, or is contemplating this calling.

This book will guide you through the teachings of Christ which we usually ignore in their scriptural context.  My desire is that it blesses and encourages you as much as it did me.

Click here or the picture to purchase this book.


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