Third Watch

The Third Watch

It’s Later Than You Think

A fresh look at the Second Coming of the Lord.

I believe that we’re living in the Last Days. Jesus is returning soon! God is preparing His people for this great day. The_Third_Watch_Cover_for_Kindle

This book gives a fresh perspective of Christ’s return. It’s the product of an intensive study of New Testament Scripture.

The Third Watch goes through the End-Times teachings of Jesus; in the order He taught them to His disciples. The result is a startlingly clear message for the church. Throw away any preconceptions you have and see what the Scripture really teaches.

This book will guide you through some of the teachings of Christ and the apostles which we usually ignore in their scriptural context.  My desire is that it blesses and encourages you as much as it did me.

Click here or the picture to purchase this book.


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