Quartermaster Ministries Update – 07/15/2021

Calling the church to a higher walk in the Lord, Jesus Christ.

Our Current Work

Now that we’re opening the opportunity for people to support this ministry, I feel that it’s only right to let you know what we’re doing. You also need to know our future plans that God has placed in our hearts.

Now that the pandemic seems to be loosening it’s effects in our area (Massachusetts), I’m going to be trying to schedule meetings again. This may be a challenge since churches are running with less seating in their sanctuaries.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll be working on starting a podcast. The emphasis will be to call the church of Jesus Christ to prepare itself for His return. There are a number of issues that need to be relearned if we’re going to walk in the same power they had in the book of Acts.

As I said in my last update, my wife and I are entering our mid-60’s. We’re still working a job that’s very physically demanding. It is considered essential, so we didn’t get any time off for the pandemic. We’re finding it harder and harder to work in this way and then come home and work on the ministry.

So, we’re trusting God to bring in the consistent support we need to be free of this outside job. My hope is that through offerings, book sales, and online courses, we can have the income needed to support our family.

Looking to the Future

As stated above, our passion has always been to call the church to a higher walk with the Lord. I believe that we’re living in the last days before the return of Christ. God’s people need to be prepared – to be that church without spot or wrinkle – ready to meet their Lord.

To that end, our desire is to launch out into a greater online presence. I am currently working on a podcast that should be starting soon. I’m also working on a Vlog that will deal with some important issues the church needs to deal with immediately.

I have a few more books that are in the works. I simply need more time to finalize them. One will be…A Hiker Looks at the Spiritual Walk. Others will deal with the Fruit of the Spirit, the Word of God, prayer in the spirit, and Spiritual Warfare.

Your Part

We ask for everyone who has been touched by this ministry to join us in prayer. Pray for us, that God will open up our time to work on the things that God has placed before us. The time is short.

We also ask you to prayerfully consider either monthly support or a one-time donation. This will go a long way in helping us to fulfill the call that God has placed upon us. To donate, click here.

God Bless You In All That You Do For Him!!!


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