A Table in the Desert

09 Mar

Psalm 78:19
They spoke against God, saying, “Can God spread a table in the desert?

Once again we find that Israel is complaining.  They seemed to have spent most of their time angry and grumbling at God.  Usually they didn’t even give God the opportunity to prove Himself before they went off on their own tirade.

In this instance they didn’t think that He was capable of feeding them all in the wilderness.  They were complaining over what they saw as a short supply of food.  God, however, once again proved that He was more than able to abundantly supply their needs.

Hopefully you have enough food as you read this.  The truth is that our life is more than just being well fed physically. There is a deeper hunger that natural food, no matter how plentiful, cannot ever satisfy.

The issue I want to deal with today is not food for our body, but food for the soul.  As with your body, God is equally able to feed your spiritual man.  As we come into His presence each new day we can have a rich feast awaiting our soul.  God has already provided everything we need for life and godliness.  It is up to us to believe God and pull up to the table.

Spend some quality time with the Lord today.  Let Him satisfy your inner hunger.  Go your way rejoicing in the goodness and bounty of the Holy Spirit working in you.  Find out for yourself that God can truly spread a table in the wilderness.

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