Are You Waiting for Something?

21 Dec

SurfIt’s been over 2000 years since the Lord walked the earth as a man. Isn’t it time for the church to walk in His footsteps? Paul and the other apostles understood what was needed.

My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power.
1 Corinthians 2:4

Consider how powerful the early church was. They turned their world upside down. They went forward in the power of the Holy Spirit to do exploits for God.

Blind eyes were opened. The lame and diseased were healed. Those imprisoned by sin were set free. Nothing could stop God’s Word.

Then, the blazing light of the church became a mere flicker of a spark. History even refers to it as the Dark Ages. Spiritual blindness, slavery to sin and superstition were the controlling factors in a majority of the “church”.

But even as we were in that condition, God started to call His people.   Actually, for the last 500 years or so God has been restoring His church. Since then, there have been 4 major moves of God – each rebuilding a lost element of our spiritual life.

The last of these was the Faith Movement. Whatever you may think about that move, two things were true. First, it was started by an act of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, it changed the face of the entire Christian church in America and around the world.

The way we pray, worship and the songs we sing are different because of the Faith Movement. Our very understanding of what it means to trust God has been taken to a higher level.

As I read Scripture, I can see that there’s still one more act of restoration on God’s agenda. We’re just now beginning to enter it. It’s a barely perceptible ripple on the horizon. But, for those with eyes to see, it’s right there. It’s time for us to get into position for this next move of God.

It’s like a surfer waiting for just the right wave to propel him forward. He watches the surface of the ocean. Then he sees it. It’s barely even a swell on the top of the water. But to that champion surfer, it’s a signal to point his board toward shore and paddle like crazy in order to catch the wave at the right moment.

That’s where we are, right now, in the Body of Christ. The swell is approaching. You have to strain to see it. But if you want to be right on the edge of it, to ride it home, you need to start positioning yourself right now.

That’s my passion, and the overriding focus of my ministry. I want to prepare God’s people for the next wave. I want to see the church rise up to its true place and function in the Spirit.

My prayer is that you read these posts with an open heart and receive what the Holy Spirit speaks to you. Let it change you, no matter the cost.

Make it your goal to be in position to flow in the new move of God. Let nothing move you out of the way. Determine to be a part of everything God has for this generation.

Questions: Do you feel the wind of change moving through the Body of Christ? Do you long for our experience to parallel that of the early church?

© Nick Zaccardi 2015

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