How God Got My Attention

01 Jun

Cloud2I believe that we’re headed into a new move of God. As with all moves of the Spirit, God is restoring something that was lost. This new move will encompass every area of our Christian walk.

It will change the way the world views the church and even the way in which we minister. I believe that it will open the door for the end-time harvest of souls just before the coming of the Lord.

If God is restoring something, then by definition, something’s missing. What is this missing ingredient? To answer that question, I’ll bring you through the process God used to bring it to my attention.

I was pastoring a small but growing church in New England. We added staff. We were selling our old building and looking for a new one. During that process my wife and I were able to buy a house. Things seemed to be going well.

Why do we find it so hard to learn important lessons when things are running smoothly? At least that seems to be the question in my life.

This smooth sailing ended abruptly. The church had to go through a few moves into temporary facilities. The congregation lost about three-quarters of the people. We had to let staff go. Things began to look dark.

It eventually got to the point where we lost our house during a national housing crisis. We’re now renting an apartment. During these challenging years my frequent cry was, “Why, Lord?”

I’m pleased to report that God brought us through all of these difficulties. Along the way He taught me some valuable lessons about His grace and provision. I also learned what it means to be a son of God.

There was one final event that opened up my spiritual ears. My life-long mentor – the pastor who raised me up in ministry – was diagnosed with cancer. He wasn’t very old. He preached the healing power of God. He and his family were trusting God for his healing. I was praying and trusting God as well. Hundreds of people were standing with him in faith.

When he passed into eternity, it took a toll on me and many others. Where was God in all this? I began to cry out to the Lord. It was during this time that the Holy Spirit showed me the condition of the church in our generation.

I’d like to blame God, but He’s not the problem. Christ provided for our healing on the cross. The problem lies in how that healing power gets from the Healer to the sick person. Clichés just don’t cut it. It’s more than just an issue of our faith.

God made it abundantly clear to me as I cried out to Him in my confusion. There’s a key ingredient that’s missing from the lives of most Christians. I made it my goal to pray, meditate and study the Scripture to find and restore what was lost. This is the first post in a series about what I found on this quest.

I believe that there’s a hunger in the body of Christ today. We desire a more powerful walk with God.

Question: Is it just me, or do you feel it too?

© 2016 Nicolas Zaccardi

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