16 Oct

Good morning!

I need to apologize for a couple of mess-ups that you may have noticed.

Over the past week or so there was a day when no post was published.  Then, this morning, two appeared at the same time.

Usually, I check to make sure everything is being published in order.  That didn’t happen as planned.  But I have now taken care of the situation.

The New Direction post should not have published until Monday.  It’s been redirected to do that.  So if you try and access it, it will be unavailable until then.

The missing post will be scheduled to publish on Friday even though it will be out of order with the rest of the First Corinthians Series.

Monday, when the New Direction article is republished, everything should be back on track.

Again, I apologize for the mix-up and any confusion it may have caused.

Thanks for subscribing to this blog.

May God richly bless you as you continue to follow Him!

Nick Zaccardi

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